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Hello !

I’m Maxime Etchebarne, Front-End Developer.

I craft websites and WordPress is my tool.


If you continue scrolling, you’ll find more details about who I am.

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What I’ve done

I’ve been working for 5 years as a web developer and have been working among web agencies, as a remote worker or the only tech person in the firm.


More than just developing websites, I’ve been assigned to diverse roles such as webdesigner and project manager. This allowed me to have a more global vision on what the client expects and the stakes of a project.


If you want more informations about my experience or/and education, I invite you to check my Linkedin profile.

As a person

Since i’m probably not the best person to describe myself, I’ll just drop a few statements that I find quite defining about my personality and how my life looks like.


I’m a 28yo french guy currently based in Leipzig.


One of my favorite thing is to walk randomly in a city I don’t know and observe what’s around me.


Music is a huge part of my life. I started by playing the bass when I was 15 but recently switch to DJing.


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